Friday, March 4, 2011

Have a Seat

                              6x6 $90
When I was painting the onions, I had so much paint left on my palette, that I impulsively decided to paint this chair. I think because I'd been painting onions intensely for a few hours, this little painting was rendered quickly and loosely. It was a nice contrast. Man, I love a good painting day!

I've been having fun roaming the virtual streets of Rome looking for subjects for this month's Street View Paintoff. I'm really getting into this. Since I love to paint people, I look for figures in interesting poses, preferably in light and shadow. I've painted a couple 12x12's and plan to do one or 2 more. Then I'd like to post them and have the comments help me decide which one to enter.


  1. This chair is just fun! Whether it is the polka dots or the loose fun brushstrokes- I don't know but it is.:)

  2. Great personality in a beautifully rendered work