Monday, November 19, 2012

Hello from Arizona

I know this is primarily a painting website, but I hope you will be open to seeing some of my clay art. That's what I do while in Arizona. This "horizontal totem" or "clay prayer flag" installation is my latest project. It certainly adds some color and interest to our front entry. I find myself getting very involved in the glazing aspect of the clay studio. Most of the members hate glazing, as they are overwhelmed by the options and the unknowns of the process. Probably because of my painterly leanings, I love the glaze process, and I'm trying to understand it so that I can help others to feel some control and some joy in glazing their pieces. I'll share some of my "vertical totems" with you in future posts.

I miss painting, but I can look forward to returning to it in a few months. In the meantime, I love clay. I'm so fickle!