Sunday, January 29, 2012

Tables and Chairs

                                       6x8 $60 Click to Buy
This is a study for a larger painting. I liked the the disparity in the chair styles and the black reflective wall in the foreground. I hope it works well in a larger size-maybe 18x24. It still needs to feel somewhat intimate, I think. Right now I'm working on a 36x48" canvas. I think that's the largest I've ever done. Man, does it eat up the paint!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Morning News

                              6x6; Bid on This Painting

Wow! I can't believe I last posted over  month ago! I think that's the longest "dry spell" since I started this blog. We were in Arizona and I did do some painting there, but my improvised studio is not as compelling as my studio here in Seattle. The biggest reason, however, is that I have access to an AWESOME clay studio, and I was busy making totems and tiles. I made tiles for our bathroom backsplashes, and then barely finished the kitchen splash tiles before we left. I did a mosaic over the stove, and I'm pretty happy with it; all it needs is grout....

So....the first painting upon returning is my submission to the DPW Challenge. I like figurative, so this was a good one to start me off. I also did some revisions to the larger pieces I painted in Arizona. I'm working on ideas for more larger paintings, but hope to get back to doing frequent (if not daily) smaller paintings. It's good to be back!