Thursday, December 6, 2012

Primitive Pot

Here's another of my clay creations. I get as absorbed in clay as I do in painting! I went on a wonderful 8 mile hike today (that's right; no clay studio today!) I will be there bright an early in the morning. Lots of ideas brewing in my head....

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Tall Ceramic Box

I'm still having a blast in the clay studio. Lately I have been making boxes of all varieties. Last Wednesday I did my first raku firing. It was pretty exciting! The flames, the smell, and the sometimes surprising results. I was quite happy with the way my pieces turned out. I will post a couple of them later. The box shown above is glazed with high fire glazes. It looks in the photo like there is a white line going daiagonally near the bottom. That's a reflection; the line is actuaIly the same clay as the other lines..  have joined the glaze committee, and have been having a lot of fun trying different combinations. I think it's the painter in me that is drawn to this part of the process. Many of the clay studio HATE glazing because they can ruin a piece they spent lots of time getting to that point. I aim to remove some of the mystery and help people get more satisfactory results.