Monday, March 7, 2011

Abe with Attitude and Winkin' Lincoln

 Each 7x5 oil    $90

Almost every time I see the DPW Challenge subject, I'm a little disappointed, thinking it doesn't sound all that fun. Then it's always fun! In fact, I had such fun giving Lincoln a little smile an the first one, that I decided to try a different expression on another. If I look at the subject matter long enough, and think about what's interesting about it, and what I might want to convey in a painting, it almost always turns out to be an interesting challenge. Keep 'em coming, DPW! And thank you!


  1. These are very fun Layne, you gave Mr. Abe some real personality!

  2. Dear Layne,
    Great job on the challenge! Very original and unique. I think that embodies the spirit of the challenge–make it yours. That is one of the reasons I added the "D" option. Thanks for participating in my challenge.

  3. Good job on the challenge! Both Abes are really great!! Well done!

  4. These are very Layne. "Wink'in Lincoln" gave me a good chuckle yesterday. So fun to see what artists do with these challenges. Your style and personality shines through all of yours!