Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Three Mugs and an Onion

                         6x6 $90
Another onion painting. I felt compelled to come up with a color scheme complimentary to the lovely deep reddish purple of the onion. I decided that I wanted the painting to be mostly cool, but the warm colors would incorporate the onion color. I played around with lots of mugs before coming up with this combo.


  1. This one sparkles Layne, love the palette!

  2. Great color combination, Layne... I can't wait... I've signed up for a Carol Marine workshop this summer !! hooray, I finally found one that had an opening, and I can't stand it, I'm so pumped !! what do you remember most about it?, and what was the best thing you learned ?

  3. Sandy- you will love it! Carol is a great teacher and a delightful person. The thing that most stands out for me is the use of flat and bright brushes. Prior to her workshop, I was using filberts, and blending. I really like the obvious brush strokes, and the strong drawing focus. I also go a lot out of what she calls the "bling". If you get the values right, the painting is good, but doesn't "pop" until you add the bling (highlights). That has mad a huge difference for me too. Enjoy the workshop- where and when?

  4. Layne,

    I went researching and found via a french site that had the answer to why our blogrolls are broken. I've gone ahead and done a blog post about it:

    Hope this helps!


  5. Layne, this painting shows great confidence and committment to your technique. Happy to see you so productive!

  6. Layne, Love the color combination in this one. Gorgeous brushwork and really like that onion. Favorite is all the wonderful highlights- just sweet!