Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Good Morning Joe

                                6x6 $90
This was the first painting I did for the DPW Challenge. The fabric looked nothing like this. I tried to paint the fabric as it actually looked and ended up with quite possibly the worst painting I have ever seen. Anything I tried would be an improvement, so I simplified it and toned it down, and I like it much better. The disastrous experience with this fabric taught me that I prefer simple geometric prints and led me to the solution (for me) that I posted yesterday. I'm pretty excited about the possibilities of this technique, so I'm very thankful for the challenge that led me there.


  1. Layne, I'm so impressed that you chose to do TWO of these challenge paintings! I love the dark fabric reflecting off the side of the mug. I would be curious what your 'worst' looks like but since it got you to this one, it was a good thing!

  2. Really awesome job with that fabric. Glad the techniques of using patterned paper (did i get that right?) is working well for you!

  3. I like this--how you dealt with the fabric and the reflections. And you bravely threw in an egg too!