Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Car Camping

I felt the urge to paint larger and came up with this one. I like almost everything about it, but am wondering if I should re-paint the older guy with his head tipped down and a book in his lap. There's something  intensely intimate about the interaction (or lack of interaction) between the two of them that might alienate potential buyers. I don't paint specifically with sales in mind, but I'm not interested in storing a lot of paintings either!


  1. Layne,
    I like what you have here- Older guy is just chilling- relaxed pose is good. I don't think would be a turnoff at all. Lovely!!

  2. Layne, I couldn't tell you want will sell or not, I don't have the experience in that area. But I love this piece as is. I agree with you, it's intensely intimate by the lack of interaction. The story is there for the viewer, we can decide what is happening in the moment. And I am drawn more to art that invites me to participate. Nice job.

  3. I think this piece has great body language. I like the yellow in it too.

  4. It could be father-son with the father looking at his son from behind dark glasses. Sue Silverman

  5. Layne,
    I think your composition is great.The car is at one angle, the figures in their chairs at another. Who can ever tell what will sell, but I believe you have a very strong painting here.