Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ten Minute Poses

                             6x11.75 on 1/2" board  $150
Here's my entry for the 10 minute challenge. I didn't expect the experience to be as exhausting, stressful, instructive, nor satisfying as it was. I feel like I know this cup intimately! I wouldn't be surprised if I repeat this exercise for myself with other objects. I think the biggest thing I learned is that it will look right when I add the highlights if I get the shapes, values and proportions right.


  1. Beautiful Layne! I love the underpainting color. And you are so right about the object looking right with highlights if the shapes, values, and proportions are right! That is such a good way to explain it.

  2. No wonder you were picked a difficult subject to paint, yet you did it so well in just 10 minutes, congratulations!

  3. I like yours so well Layne - Yes, exhausting and satisfying... me too! Good lesson learned!