Monday, February 7, 2011

12x12 Paintings

A few months ago, I sold several paintings to a local hospital. Now they have asked for some small paintings to place in exam rooms- preferably with a "botanical" theme. I painted 6 new paintings for this project; this one and one other are based on existing 6x6 paintings- the others are entirely new. The blue under painting gives this a decidedly cool look, and the orange doesn't pop as much as if the under painting were warm, but there is a moodiness that intrigues me with these mostly cool paintings.

Lately I have been mushing all my leftover paint at the end of a session into a big pile of "neutral" that I use in my next painting session. Does anybody else do this? I find the neutral is usually lovely as it is, but I can also alter it to my liking.  I also love the idea of not wasting paint...

I replaced yesterdays post, wiping out the buildings to the right. I originally placed them there to stop the eye from traveling off the picture plane, but ultimately decided they didn't add anything to the composition. I prefer the simplicity, but would love to hear responses (if you have an opinion).


  1. Layne,
    Congratulations! And what a great hospital to value art like that!! Now, we can dream that someday there would be art in every patients room : )) Beautiful piece.

  2. great Idea with the use of left over paint!... i've never thought of that ... I always have a heap of left over that ultimately goes to waste.... thanks for the tip.


  3. Love this piece Layne and how wonderful that it will end up brightening exam rooms! Wish my dr. had work like this!!
    I too have recently been saving the piles of neutrals and have been having fun using them directly or to alter other colors.

  4. I try to keep my leftovers but sometimes I scrape up dome dried bits and that is annoying! It is a great use of paint though and very "green"!

    Loved the painting with and without the building on the right. I think you are right though that my eye tends to stay on the main focus now and not travel around to the back where the other building was.

  5. Layne, I've been following your blog for a while and this my favorite so far.

  6. Layne congratulations on the sales. Wonderful piece. Yes, I have saved my grays for years. Its what I start with the next day. I also freeze my paint every night so that it keeps those grays and other colors fresh.

  7. Wonderful painting! Very very bold!