Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bottled Belles

                                     6x6 $90
I have some more 12x12's to post, but I'm taking a break from that. I don't often paint flowers, but that could change. I really like this painting. I also did the Carol Marine challenge but it's not dry enough to photograph. Somebody- I don't remember who- said that she was exhausted at the end of this challenge. Man, so was I!!!! It took a lot of concentration. It was magical, though. When I got the shapes and the values (nearly) right, it took only a couple strokes and highlights to make the object  (a cup in this case) real!


  1. The monochrome palette here is so elegant. Wonderful loose touch as usual!

  2. Gorgeous loose brushwork. Great light reflections.

  3. I like this painting too, it has such a fresh feel.
    Can't wait to see your challenge painting, I'm the exhausted one!

  4. I really like this one--beautiful color harmonies!