Saturday, February 19, 2011

"Brother in the Bowl" and reworked "Sand and Surf"


This is the last of the 12x12's- for now, anyway. I have more blank canvases, so there will be more. I am going to do an 11x14 for a birthday present for my aunt, and then I'm thinking about doing one for the Google Street View challenge. The February one takes place in Prague, and I had fun strolling the virtual streets looking for subject matter.
I got confirmation from several comments that the man's leg led the viewer right out of the picture. Every time I looked at it, all I saw was that leg! So- the wonder of paint- I painted out the leg and changed his posture. I'm much happier with this!


  1. I think the composition really works on Surf and Sand. Love the reflections of Brother in the bowl

  2. The wonders of paint, indeed. I love what how you re-worked your painting. What a great composition on Surf and Sand! It's a terrific little painting!

  3. Très beaux reflets dans la première peinture avec une belle nuance de couleurs... Bisous