Wednesday, September 22, 2010

"Plum on Glass Plate

                                          6"x6" $90

I'm still playing with glass. The weirdest colors show up with this plate- like the green shadow under the plum.
It forces me to consider all kinds of unusual color combinations. I had a good day painting yesterday, but when I took the photos I wasn't happy with any of them. Thus no post yesterday. They're coming up soon!


  1. Your work is fabulous! Welcome to Fresh Painters.

  2. Great colours and design. Really like the feel of this!

  3. Very nice! The glass plate is awesome!

  4. Hi Layne,

    I love your paintings with glass as an element. I like the colors under the glass and how they create new shapes.

    Congrats on joining Fresh Paint!

  5. Oh, my goodness! I love your last two paintings! One of my blog friends, Lorraine Shirkus, and I were talking about admiring other bloggers paintings and wanting to emulate their style. Lorraine has a wonderful style of her own, by the way. Anyway, these two painting would be something I'd like to emulate!