Friday, September 10, 2010

"Japanese Veggies Series 2"


I got a commission to create a series of 3 paintings inspired by vegetables used in Japanese cooking. I'm showing the center one first because it's central to the composition, and is flanked by the 2 others. At the end I will post all 3 in one photo. I had a great time perusing the Asian grocery and selecting items to paint. I had to determine which vegetables fit the theme, and for that I used good old Google. I did use some artistic license in choosing a standard eggplant rather than a longer thinner Japanese variety because it simply looked better (that's in the #1 painting). This is Daikon radish and snow peas. The bowl is one I received as a guest at a Japanese wedding at least 10 years ago. I love the way the transparency of the radish reveals the darker surface below.


  1. Terrific, Layne!

    I like how you've varied the background surface with that contrasting cast shadow.