Monday, September 20, 2010

"Playing with Glass"

Today was a colorful day. I got this really interesting plate that I didn't realize was actually iridescent. In a way, it's an ugly thing, but it does the most interesting things with the light it casts. Here, I used 2 different colors in the ground and placed a cherry colored glass cup in the upper right side. It also cast some interesting light on the adjacent surfaces. I can see using these elements for a series of paintings, just playing with the breakup of color.
I'm also doing some larger versions (16" square) of my daily paintings for a local hospital.It's pretty interesting to see the difference the format makes. The larger format has, as one might guess, a less intimate feel and a more commanding presence. And they don't take significantly more time (larger brushes!). I really like working larger- but then I like working small as well. Guess I just like painting!


  1. Love the feel of this. Interesting colours - great values.

  2. Like this one, Layne!

    With your strong design sense, you might enjoy looking at the paintings of British artist Euan Uglow if you don't already know his work.
    Solidly structured pictures, both figure and still life.

  3. LOVE this! That red dish is so great and I love the way you've got the red on red thing going on. The way you've split the canvas with color is fantastic. I love your work more and more all the time!