Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"Cup on Glass Plate"

6x6 $90

Here's that glass plate again. I can't seem to get enough (and I admit I was encouraged by all the positive comments).  I keep wanting to see what colors show up when I set up a still life...starting to look like a series, huh?

I still don't know why it happened, but I accidentally erased all of my "Blogs I Follow"!!!! I meant to edit one and  had to delete it and re-post it...but somehow I deleted the whole darn thing! I'm trying to re-construct it, but if you don't see your link when it used to be there- or if you are a painter/blogger who wants to trade links please contact me! I'm bummed about this setback, but I guess in the big picture it's no big deal. It will get resolved soon enough.

Thanks to all of you who commented on "Grandma". I enjoyed reading them partly because it wasn't just about art, it was about memories. That was nice.


  1. I like this color palette! Very nice.

    I was not on your blog list, but would like to trade links. :-)

  2. Hi Layne,
    Another beauty! I really like the abstract shapes and slices of colour you're getting with this series. They feel great!

  3. Transparence, lumière, beauté, riche... Ce sont les mots qui me viennent en bouche à la vue de votre dernière peinture. Bisous et ne les perdez pas ceux-là!!! (sourire)

  4. Your paintings just jump off the page. The colors and composition are so great! Loving your work!

  5. A beautiful painting! I love the concentric lines and bands of color, and I especially like how the shadow of the cup changes color as it crosses the various layers!

  6. I saw this on the side of Virginia's blog and the color just grabbed my attention. Wonderful color & strokes, love it!