Sunday, September 5, 2010


                                          6"x6" $90
Peaches have been so yummy this year. They're also great fun to paint. I placed these on glass, so the reflections created a subtle abstract pattern in the foreground. I had the spoon in an entirely different position- almost parallel with the edge and just above the left hand peach slice. I wasn't happy with that composition (why does it seem to be fine when I set it up?), so I removed it and painted it in the current position. I'm much happier with the results.


  1. Well, this set up looks great now - the peaches sort of blossom out from the spoon - I like the brushstrokes and the color of this one -

  2. Yum! This looks juicy enough to eat! Great painting.

  3. I really like your peaches. They are just glowing on the table. Interesting composition, also!