Tuesday, June 14, 2011

You Can Call Me Rusty

This painting is 24x20, and I used a photo I took in Bisbee, AZ for reference. I ended up blending the sky with a round brush, as all the business of the brushstrokes was driving me nuts. The truck is so busy due to the rust; I thought that called for the rest of the painting to be more subtle.

I plan to make a few changes to the Poster Boy when the red paint gets a little dryer. I love the red, but I think it dominates too much and the shape is too boring. I think it would help both the composition and the narrative to add a few more posters. I'll try it, anyway and post the new version.

Thanks so much to those of you who commented. I didn't realize how much I value the feedback. I really really do!


  1. This is a fun painting, Layne. What I most like about it is that to me it looks like it's going to drive forward right off the canvas! Very lively!

  2. I love it ,I learn something something every time I stop by.

  3. Layne...a wonderful old piece of rusty metal....well done!

  4. Love the colors! The composition is really good, too!