Monday, June 27, 2011

Still Here

                                        No longer available

I've been dealing with computer programs and haven't been able to post for awhile. We ended up having to get the whole computer wiped out and programs reloaded- and there's still something wrong. Plus my old Photoshop wouldn't reload, so I've ordered a new version and in the meantime am using an unfamiliar free editing program. So here it is. This is my entry to the Daily Paintworks Challenge. I found that since the shapes in the scene were rather indistinct, the best way to distinguish them was to push the values.


  1. On pourrait entendre le doux glou-glou de l'eau... très jolie atmosphère...
    Ah l'informatique! en ce qui me concerne c'est difficile! je suis beaucoup plus à l'aise avec mes pinceaux!
    Gros bisous et merci pour votre gentil message.

  2. So sorry about all the computer problems! It's always a love/hate relationship with these wonderful (today I love my computer) technologies. Hope all the glitches are fixed soon!

    Your painting is really nice. The blues and oranges are really nice against all the dark values. Well done!

  3. Great way to simplify a complicated scene, it's beautiful!

  4. Great job on the values. They really work on this painting.

  5. Really nice, Layne. My favorite of all the entries so far!

  6. Great job on the Challenge! You really brought it to life.

    Sorry to hear of your computer woes. That's such a headache!