Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Outside the Cafe

I'm back!!! Today was my first painting day in over 2 months and it felt great! We were scheduled to return from Europe on May 25, but we changed our tickets to fly home early because our grandson was born early on May 21. We are pretty smitten with the little guy- Ryan Andrew Sandberg- and we have been trying to spend some time at least every other day with him and his parents. Then, of course, there's been the mail and other household stuff to attend to. Also, I told myself that i had to edit my photos and finish the Spain blog before i could begin painting. That took so much time!!!!! But it's done, and there is now a slide show of our trip as well as a blog completely outfitted with pictures. You can check it out at if you're so inclined. If you click on the link above the slide show you will get a better viewing version with music. 
So- about this lady. We had lunch at a seafood cafe in this old fishing village called Afurada- near Porto, Portugal. I took numerous photos of the outside of the building, primarily because there were guys frying fish there, but then this great old lady wandered by! I'm wary of photographing people without their permission, so I just proceeded to take more photos of the restaurant- and there she was-none the wiser. 
I painted 4 paintings today!!! I'm pretty sure I will end up doing a series of larger paintings based on my trip. There's something energizing about "re-living" the experiences by painting from them.


  1. Toutes mes félicitations pour ce nouveau grade ma chère! Il est bon d'être une mamie! (je le suis depuis ce 25 novembre dernier... déjà!)
    Magnifique peinture, comme toujours, inondée d'une sublime lumière... Très belle atmosphère.

  2. So glad you are back and congrats on the grandbaby! So exciting! Looking forward to your paintings!

  3. Love the looseness and light and shadow. Will definately check out your other blog!

  4. Welcome home Layne! Love this little lady. Lots of character.

  5. First of all..Welcome back! and second..Congratulations on the birth of your Grandson. This painting is perfectly painted, Layne..great colors and shadow!

  6. I like this character, and I know portuguese people!