Friday, June 10, 2011

Spheres and Stripes

             6x6 $90
I've only painted this teapot once before. It's an odd thing, likely handmade. The handle is really lumpy. It occurred to me that it might be interesting to tie in the stripes with objects of the same color.
I've been painting bigger the last couple days, using my Spain and Portugal photos as reference. My goal is to create about a 10-15 painting series and then find a show venue. I also have a request from a gallery for more  "truck and old car" paintings- and anything else that's not still life or figurative. She says that the things that are selling are "comfort paintings"- nostalgia and landscape sort of things. While I don't paint specifically to sell, I enjoy painting all kinds of things, and if they are likely to sell, so much the better. So I'll consider that subject matter in the next few days.
Here's a little tip for you, in case you hadn't thought of it already. I did a painting that I think may have the values too balanced- almost equal quantities of dark, medium and light. What I want is mostly one (in this case medium) some of another (dark) and a little of the last (light). In photoshop I converted it to black and white and then used the cutout filter to further simplify the shapes. Based on that, I decided to darken some of my lights so that they are clearly a middle value. I find this tool really useful in troubleshooting a painting.

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  1. A very pleasing composition. Really nice shadows and reflected colors.