Sunday, January 2, 2011

Simply a Blue Cup

Continuing with my "simple theme" I bent my own rule a bit by adding a small plate below the mug, but the challenge still holds; create a composition and a color scheme that shows the focal subject off to good (best?) advantage. My intent is to do this exercise with all the primary and secondary colors- and maybe block and/or white. 
With this composition, I was intrigued by the shaft of light between the cup and the shadow; it reflected down on to the plate in a wonderful, glowy kind of way.


  1. I like this blue and your red cup in your last post. I think simplicity is harder than it seems to be. You do a great job!

  2. I love hearing your thought processes. I had no idea so much thinking went into painting. Not being any type of artist myself, I am finding it fascinating.

  3. Layne, I like this one and the red cup also. Agree that the shaft of light is wonderful. Great job!

  4. Your use of blue is really eye-catching.

  5. Si seulement notre ciel pouvait être aussi bleu que votre tasse...
    Belle éclairage sur cette dernière, beau travail.