Saturday, January 8, 2011


                                          9x12 plus 2.25" frame $300 / $20 shipping in USA

The title is a play on "Red"- although it could mean that I'm ready to paint a bit larger. I will say I enjoyed painting larger, but what spurred me to do this one was a painting that I no longer liked that was permanently mounted in a frame I do like. So I taped off the frame and went to work. The color scheme was chosen with the color of the frame in mind. At first the bowl to the left was yellower, but it detracted from the red objects,. so I neutralized it a bit. The green that shows up on the photograph on the inside of the bowl is not so evident in the actual painting. It must be there, as I can't get it to go away when I take a picture! I really like the stacked cups and the apple. I may try that as a vertical painting.


  1. Beautiful color harmonies! I love the gray-greens set against the red.

  2. Layne, this turned out beautifully. Wow! I especially love the colors in the bowl. Great piece.

  3. Great painting, and so clever of you to tape off the frame, etc.! Thanks for your comments on my blog, Layne.