Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Formally Yours

                                  6x6 $90
This one started out with a tulip in the little glass jar, but it looked awkward, so I replace it with the yellow/orange vase. I really like the color scheme. I also reworked a couple of my recent paintings that I wasn't happy with. See below:
I decided this needed another element in the foreground- thus the white plate. Also reworked the cloth a bit.

I'm still searching for compositional solutions with my landscapes. I think I'm starting to "get it" with still life- but I'm not "there" with landscape.


  1. I think the plaTe in the foreground was just what that painting needed. Not so much dead space in the right corner. And the black cup! I just love all of the reflections on it. Great job!

  2. These all look good to me. I just love the way you paint.

  3. Great job on all of these. The painting at the top just glows. Really a stand out for me.

  4. You have such nice darks and lights. I really like the triangle thing you have going on in your landscape.

  5. LOve all the warms in the top piece.

  6. LOVE this! It's one of my all time faves of yours. That pale green/yellow in the dark cup paired with the purple is heavenly. Just GORGEOUS!

    I think your landscape looks fabulous too.