Saturday, October 16, 2010

"When Orange Meets Black"

                                            5"x7" $90
I am thrilled with this painting for several reasons. One, I think the composition works well. Two, I am very pleased with the richness of the grays and how they balance the vivid colors of the oranges. Three, it displays the looseness that I want but often lose in my paintings as I rework them to get them in trying to make improvements. I think the glow of the under painting is largely responsible for making the gray work. My goal is to have more and more of my paintings achieve this degree of success fairly quickly. However, since I never intend to give up experimenting, I know that there will be challenges, failures and partial failures- and that's partly what keeps painting interesting.


  1. This is beautiful, and as you said, very rich. I know it made you happy!

  2. wow! grey actually can be so fun, love it!

  3. Your comments are so right! This is a fantastic painting. What struck me first were the brushstrokes...they're DANCING! Then I thought of Lance Armstrong climbing while "dancing on the pedals" the announcers used to say. Your paintbrush is dancing a relaxed, confident rhythm. Fabulous!