Sunday, October 10, 2010

"Amber Cups

                                          6"x6" $90

I am still enjoying working with the transparency of glass. These amber cups cast a lovely glow on the surrounding surfaces. And who could anticipate all the lovely colors that are the result of the reflections and the light cat through the cups onto the tabletop. I can see in the photo that I didn't quite nail the shape of the upper cup on the right; the oval rim is off a bit. Does that bother anybody? I'm never sure how much that matters. Is it charming or annoying?


  1. Great job on the glass, Layne. I didn't notice anything about the shape of the cup. Your paintings are impressionistic, not photo-realistic, and I don't think that's a detail that jumps out. I was too busy looking at the lovely reflections and colors!

  2. I just came across your blog and I must say I really like your paintings. I agree with Virginia in that the off-cup doesn't really matter. I hadn't seen it until I read the description and you pointed it out :)