Monday, October 11, 2010

Back to the Easel

Didn't I just "learn" this lesson a couple weeks ago? Once again, I failed to use enough greyed tones to balance my color. This appeals to me much more than yesterday's posting. I was thinking the other day that I wish people would leave "constructive criticism" comments because as nice as it is to get compliments, it's more helpful to get criticism. Then it occurred to me that they are more or less "voting" by commenting (or not commenting) at all. When I get no comments I have to think about why that particular painting isn't particularly appealing. There's usually a reason....or reasons....


  1. That is true, Layne. I leave compliments for people when I really like something. I don't comment when someone's painting doesn't appeal to me. After all, who wants comments that tell them that the ellipse wrong or that the values are wrong? All of us have enough negative self-comments I'm sure!

  2. Interesting Layne. I too have felt that way - enjoying the comments to be sure, but sometimes thinking people are being too complimentary and that I would benefit from a (kind) critique. But what Virginia says is very true! We're probably all such harsh critics that if we didn't have people cheering on our good bits we'd be tempted to throw in the towel. I really like the new background colours/tones and think you're decision was spot on.

  3. I like these cup paintings, they look like glass cups as the inside is a similar colour.
    Personally I did much prefer the colouring of the previous painting of this subject myself, but thats just my individual taste and not what everybody would think I'm sure! Nice work.

  4. You really got the values right! I find that pushing those limits make a painting so much richer. Love the lighter color in the foreground too. The glow in the reflection is superb!

    I'm with you about critiques, but then came to a similar conclusion regarding number of comments.

  5. I think that you are right that people are 'voting' with their comments. It funny to me that I can almost predict who will like which kind of painting, it is all so subjective after all.
    I love this painting by the way, the painting really 'pops' and may not have done so with more grays.

  6. This is a very appealing painting. Love the color and the life it portrays.

  7. Layne,

    I've been away on vacation and have missed many of your postings.

    I definitely like Back to the Easel, a revamp of Amber Cups. The object/ground edges in "Back" are terser and more dynamic. Also feel the amount of strident ochre in "Amber"
    is a distraction. Better balance of yellow in "Back". Yellow is a poweful pigment and can dominate.

    As always, I admire your tenacity in tackling a motif over again and again until you feel you've gotten it just right.

    Keep up your very good work.

    Clyde Semler

  8. Just my thought, please do not consider a "no comment response" as a true sign that your painting is not appealing. Consider other reasons, such as the busy time of Thanksgiving. I know this was the case for me and also the recovery of my hand injury.
    I always enjoy your work.