Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Headed for Arizona

                   Dining in our AZ house (Layne's art in background)

Tomorrow morning we will be on the road headed for Green Valley, AZ, where we will spend the next few months hiking, biking, swimming- and I intend to do some painting! Maybe even a little plein aire, although I'm rather a messy painter and find it difficult to be that organized. Anyway, I've been busy the last couple days in preparation for the migration, and haven't had a chance to paint. Ditto for the next few days on the road. In fact, it's unlikely I'll post until at least Tuesday the 26th. I'm eager to paint again. I miss it horribly!


  1. Bonne migration... petite hirondelle !

  2. A change of wallpaper, different light. May these new elements inspire you during your winter sojourn.

    If you need some tips for getting started for painting outdoors with a minimum of stuff to manage, take a look at You might find his outdoor kit of watercolor and gouache less cumbersome than oils, and this medium in itself rich and full of possibilities.

    Enjoy! Clyde

  3. Enjoy the trip - wish you lots of inspiration & painting time!

  4. Just toured your site, as a new member of Fresh Paint, I love your work and your style. Nice colors and brushwork!