Friday, August 6, 2010

"Lonesome Clove"

Last night I discovered that I am out of sync with the "happening" art world in Seattle- or at least didn't pick up any clues when I dropped off my paintings at the Rock/DeMent Gallery for the Morris Graves inspired show. None of my paintings made the cut! I think, now that I've seen the show, that the focus was on the mystic aspect of Graves' art, and that my paintings were not creative nor edgy enough. Well, it stung a bit to be excluded, but I have to conclude that it was just the wrong venue and my art is appreciated elsewhere.

So...on to today's painting. This is the first time I've included "folded cloth" in my little paintings. At first I made the dots lighter, but they fought with the garlic for attention, so I toned them down a bit. I like them a lot better now. The garlic is now like a bigger, lighter, more interesting dot than the others.

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