Tuesday, August 31, 2010

"Let's Make Arrangements"

                                          6"x6" $90
Since this is such a showy flower, I tried to make other parts of the painting stronger so that it wouldn't be "all about the flower". If it worked as I planned, the eye is also drawn to the zig zag line of the leaf meeting the plate and to the vivid green of the surface below the plate.
On Saturday I attended a wedding on Whidbey Island where I ran into a fellow artist. She hadn't been painting much since the birth of her now 2 year old son. We talked about art (as artists do) and she said she felt inspired to paint again and could probably find time and space to create some small paintings. Can you believe it's only Tuesday and she's already done it, blog and all? Well, I'm so impressed with what she's done that I wanted to mention her in today's blog. Check Rachel Potter's site on my blog links.

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  1. Thanks for the encouragement, Layne. I love this flower on a plate. It looks a little like a water-lily in a pond. I really do like how the leaf and the green background melt together.