Tuesday, August 24, 2010

"Black Cup Companions"

                                          6"x6" $90
I like painting glass and silverware, so I put together this little composition, which I decided to do as a pretty neutral painting. I like the formality and "squareness" of it. I also like the fact that the cup is so rounded at the top and the little vase is similarly rounded at the bottom. It creates a certain rhythm that pleases my eye.


  1. I like everything about this little picture: its frankness and especially your reserve and Dutch masterish tone/color with gestural accents. An interesting shift from the previous post which has such chromatic punch. I like it when an artist feels bold enough to take big jumps into new arenas of color and expression according to how he/she feels at any particular moment.

  2. Beautiful work.The looseness, colors and compositions.

  3. LOVE this one! That palette is so soothing and I really like the touches of red you brought in.