Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ryan gets a baby sister!

Ryan at age 1.5

Today Ryan got a baby sister. Lauren Alexis was born this morning and weighs a healthy 7 pounds 14 ounces.  She has long, delicate fingers and toes. You would think that means  she could be tall and thin. Not a chance. Unless something freaky happens she's destined to be short like the rest of us. I say "us" and I'm only the step grandma- yet the theory holds.

I LOVE the photo of Ryan that inspired this painting. It's sweet yet not cloying and I love his stuffed animals joining him for the bedtime story. I was most challenged by the hand in the foreground, but I found that once I got the values right and "cut in" the background , the hand magically appeared. And the dimples helped. It's all abut including just enough "information". Sometimes I "get it"; sometimes I don't...two steps forward, one step back.... Painting wouldn't be so compelling if it were easy.                              


  1. Very nice, Layne. Congratulations to all on the new baby! You took a photograph and made it into a painting that is full of life.

  2. Toutes mes félicitations ma chère pour ce grade dans la hiérarchie familiale... Je suis certaine que Ryan est heureux d'avoir une petite soeur qui dans quelque temps viendra perturber cette belle peinture ! car il va falloir en peindre un nouveau avec un ce beau duo de petits-enfants !...
    Gros bisous

  3. Great painting Layne and congratulation on the new baby!

  4. This is precious and really fun to look at the brushwork and approach...the love you feel for Ryan really comes through in this...it is wonderful! thanks for the reminder about values and cutting in...I should make that one of million painting mantras!!