Wednesday, March 27, 2013


"Daydreamer" 24x24
I've been working on some larger paintings and haven't managed to do little ones as well. This one is based on a 6x6 I did over a year ago. I have been using much thicker paint lately and trying to concentrate on making the paint itself interesting. It's been quite enjoyable painting this way, and I'm liking the results.


  1. Une peinture qui dégage une belle atmosphère... On pourrait entendre les bruits de fond de cet établissement.
    Gros bisous

  2. Great minds think alike.
    i just made the same working.. my first was 32x16 and the new 32x24 ..i love this beautiful girl....
    congratulations and thank's to Lee A Brown for his photography

  3. Patrick- I would love to see your paintings! I love this girl too. I have a few figures that frequently beg to be worked into paintings. I have no doubt that she'll sneak into another restaurant scene one day. And Martine- I wish I understood French better! I get the gist of your comments but not all the nuances, I'm sure. I appreciate you writing!

    they are not at to day but you can see some paintings
    The girl is a franch girl in café of Paris ..i have paint several café scene..