Sunday, March 3, 2013

"Contemplation" 12x9
I have been very busy painting, both creating new ones and reworking others. I really like this painting, but decided it needed more color punch. The biggest change is the color added to the background and to the edge of the woman's clothing. I like the way the white line zig-zags through the composition.                        


  1. Love the feel in this piece Layne. The bits of color amongst the mostly neutral colors is very interesting. Must say my favorite color is my favorite spot in the painting and that is the blues in her jacket. Love the face slumping into her hand too.
    Great seeing your ceramic work. Cool that you do both. Congrats on the new grandbun in the oven. And...kudos for staying in such great shape by taking the long hikes!

  2. It's a great painting, Layne. You have a lot of interesting shapes, but everything is in subordination to the head/focal point. So thought out. Great work.