Thursday, October 6, 2011

Pedestrian View of Alki Point

                                 16x20; contact me if interested
Leaving Europe momentarily and returning to Seattle, I painted this view of the Alki Point Lighthouse. Usually it's photographed from the water, but I walked down a side street and got this view. This is a pretty good example of the weather we can expect this fall-maybe minus the blue sky. That's why Jed and I are headed to Arizona in a couple weeks. We have a nice getaway there just south of Tucson where we can hike, play tennis and pickleball, golf and bicycle, as well as take in the charms of Tubac and Tucson. BTW, we do rent the house out in the winter at very reasonable rates. There are still time slots open. Check out if you're interested.


  1. This is so heavy with thick lovely peacefulness. Love the red roofs.

  2. I love the misty colors in this one, with the red roofs in front. Really nice!

  3. You are so great. I love your style and versatility. So many subject matters and such great perspective. I first saw a portrait of yours at Arts West. It was a girl sitting in a theater lobby or something. Your work is amazing. One of the most talented artists I have seen! This particular painting of Alki Point is so right on. Your web site is fantastic! I'm sure you are having a great life.
    Have fun!