Saturday, October 15, 2011

Not Your Granny's Europe

                                      16x16; contact me if interested
This is the reworked lower portion of the painting I cut in two. It's a comment on the contrast you see in the "old country"- very very old buildings juxtaposed with modern technology. The one I don't get is high heeled shoes on cobblestone streets. The women seem to manage just fine, but I can't imagine trying it! The high heeled shoes alone are challenging enough.
We're leaving early tomorrow for points south. We'll get no further than Portland tomorrow as we have people to visit. There's no hurry though; this is a road trip and road trips are meant to be savored. I'm taking paint supplies to Arizona, but no light box, so I doubt there will be many still lifes. Don't know just what I'll paint, but I'll find something!


  1. Un magnifique contraste... la lumière vient mettre en scène un quartier... Un spectacle formidablement bien restitué grâce à votre talent.
    Gros bisous

  2. Very nice. I really like the deep shadows of the buildings on the right. They have a lot of depth, like you could just step into the doorway. Very nice!

  3. Lovely painting Layne...I too was amazed at the heels on the cobbled streets!
    Have a safe trip!

  4. Wonderful, Layne! Great job with the llight. Have a safe and fun trip. Looking forward to more paintings!

  5. I like it. The contrast of old and new in Europe. the distant rear view mirror.
    I love a Road Trip. Have fun!

  6. You are so right! Isn't there a tension between old and new. I have it also, in my heart.