Friday, July 22, 2011

Tapas Stop


This is another painting for my Spain/Portugal series, based on a photo I took in the late afternoon in Leon. Spain. I'm finding it immensely helpful to post these; for some strange reason I can spot things I don't like- and things I do- in the photo better than in the actual painting. For example, I think that there is too much definition between the walls and the sidewalk in this painting. I would like to see more of the wall color in the sidewalk and more of the sidewalk color in the wall. They should still read as separate surfaces, but more unified. I also take note when I receive many or few comments on a piece. I know it's not an absolute science, but it gives me a feel for the appeal of the painting.


  1. Hi Layne, I really like the way you handled the figures, the motorcycle and shadow too.

  2. Layne, same here! It's so much easier to scrutinize the photo rather than the actual painting--and also, indeedydoody: Comments count! I've found the best paintings really DO get the MOST comments. The joys of blogging, huh?

  3. Great Job on this painting - keep it up.By the way I am back painting and posting daily