Thursday, July 7, 2011

Still Pumping

Oil on wood cabinet door 18x11.75 $550 including shipping
E-mail me at if interested
I've had these cabinet doors for years (I used to be kitchen designer) and couldn't decide how to use them effectively. I thought this subject matter lent itself to a novel presentation, so it was selected. Now I have to come up with companion pieces for the 2 other doors I have.
We went to the airport late last night to pick up a young Danish couple who will be visiting us for a week  (and then moving on to San Fran, Vegas, Grand Canyon, Death Valley, Yosemite). We didn't get to bed until after 2 am. So why was I up at 7:30???? Just can't sleep these days, and it's really frustrating! Hope I don't crash today when everybody else is rarin' to go.


  1. You could do 2 other equally bright colored old gas pumps. Would make a fun trio. Lack of sleep seems to be a problem for many. Let me know what you do about it.

  2. Layne, love the cabinet door. I, too, have some saved! Haven't done a thing with them! You would love the old rusty tractor graveyard I visited the other day--all kinds of interesting subject matter. A rusty windmill caught my eye---a possible companion to the gas pump??

  3. This is a great painting. My present kitchen cabinets in my kitchen are painted with fruits and vegetables by me.