Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Really Big Onion

                                             6x6 $90

I decided to try a really pale palette for a change. I also spent a couple hours this morning playing with my camera and editing options to try to get a better picture. I found if I took it off automatic and used the cloud setting I avoid the excess blue tones that usually mess with my color. I re-posted a couple of my recent paintings below with a better image. I still had a heck of a time with the Key Limes and Purple Cup. as the background is a lemony yellow-green and the key limes are oranger yellows, but I can't get the differences to show up (it's still not right). In general, I'm having trouble with color accuracy, but this particular painting has been a nightmare.If anybody has any suggestions for me, I'll try them!
I have been invited to join Daily Painter Originals, which I'm thrilled about. Thanks to all of you who wrote to welcome me. I plan to officially join and start posting on Dec 1, as my schedule and my situation here in Arizona are less than ideal for doing a good job, and although I will be here until late December, I can handle a month of Arizona postings before returning to my Seattle studio.


  1. Très belle composition avec des nuances blondes et très douces... Bravo et gros bisous.

  2. Layne,

    I like this shift from the brighter chromas to a more naturalistic palette. And, I find the posting preceeding this one (your happy palette) very pleasing as well. And, I think you work well with both palettes as evidenced in these two contrasting pictures.

    Just a general observation regarding your shifts from brighter to more subdued palettes: In your brighter pictures, your darks often lack a certain punch because of your avoidance of what might be called a non-color, namely blacks or monochromes quite close to blacks. That might explain why I enjoy the tonal punch that this picture provides with the strong "non-pretty" dark accents. This general comment bears also on the painting you are having difficulties with (Key Limes and Purple Cup). In this picture, I think it could be further improved by the addition of some brighter and darker cools. It seems overall "hot" (I seem to feel a lack of some more vibrant and darker blues/blue-violets in the overall warm red-violet cup, as well as a lack of some more cooling tones in the lemons). Perhaps "black" is not the answer for accenting these brighter chromatic pictures, but a darker and more colorful accent for core shadows and cast shadows might bring tonal and color harmony to these "pumped up" color palettes.

    Your camera adjustments have made a great difference in reading the pictures online.

    Congrats on your joining D.P.O.!

  3. Congratulations! I think DPO is a difficult group to get into, so that makes it even better! P.S. I like this painting very much!