Saturday, November 27, 2010

Bow Down Before Me

                                          6x6 $90
Something about this little pitcher strikes me as imperious, and it looks like "she" has ordered the pears to bow down before her. The one on the right is complying, but the one on the left looks like "he" may defy the order....
I actually completed 2 paintings before leaving town for Thanksgiving, but ran out of time to post them. We're expecting more company in a week, so I had better get in some productive painting between now and then. It's hard to keep up with this!!!! I intend to keep trying though. I love my painting time and I'm continuing to learn. For example, on this one, I made the mistake of mixing the foreground color with white, and it looked flat and dead. I know better, but I still make some of the same mistakes. I guess it's progress when I can recognize what's wrong, and fix it. In this case, I wiped it out and mixed the background color with some naples yellow. Now it has the warmth I want.


  1. I love the pitcher. Beautiful shapes and colors. Very nice painting!

  2. Very nice color. Great tip about the Naples Yellow.

  3. Vos poires sont je crois très coquettes... Elles se mirent dans la cruche... Elles peuvent être fières car grâce à vous elles sont très belles...

  4. Love the painting--I love pitchers and teapots for some reason. I like the blue interior and blue shadows on the pitcher. Very nice!

  5. Really like this one with the blue interior of the pitcher. Like the funny story to go with it. Yes, the pitcher has an attitude. Great job on the background. Very pretty!