Monday, November 1, 2010

Key Limes

                                            6x6 $90

yesterday's photo updated with more accurate shadows

Here's another version of the key lime and glass vignette. I'm also attaching an updated photo of yesterday's painting because I figured out that I greatly emphasized the shadows due to the way I was viewing the photo on my laptop. I'm not used to using a laptop- nor Picassa editing- and there's a bit of a learning curve going on. Anyway, this version is a bit more vibrant, I think. I'd be interested in whether you think so as well- or not.


  1. J'aime la lumière qui jaillit sur votre verre et la couleur de vos citrons apporte un beau contraste avec le magnifique bleu que j'admire là! Bises

  2. I'll weigh in in favor of the first version, Layne. I like the yellow-violet complements going on in the first. In the second, that greenish background dilutes the yellow intensity of the lemons. However, in the altered version, you have added more interest to the faceting of the martini glass rim which I like.

    All in all, I think your decisions to move a picture to a further stage of development are healthy moves. The worst thing for an artist is easily-won satisfaction which inmplies a certain complacent inertia and fear of taking risks which often lead us to surprising and unexpected results.

    Glad you're painting again.


  3. I love them both but am partial to the bottom one.