Tuesday, July 13, 2010

"Springtime in Seattle"

I just returned from the airport, where I dropped my Danish friends who have been visiting us for 11 wonderful days. We did all kinds of fun things that I would tell you more about, but this isn't a personal blog; it's about my art, so I'll talk about the part that pertains to this painting. My friends asked me to do a little demo so that they could see the process behind the paintings. It was the first time I had done one, and I wasn't really nervous, but it was a bit strange having an audience. The painting came together rather quickly too; maybe because I didn't want to waste their time with dinking around I was very deliberate and decisive in my work.
This painting and 2 others will be living in Denmark. I hope to visit them soon!

I entitled this "Springtime in Seattle", though my the Danes pointed out that it is actually summer. That's right, isn't it?! We had such a wet and wintry spring!

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