Friday, July 30, 2010

"Barely Touching"

A quest for a new color scheme led to this painting. I really like the colors; must remember this palette. As for the composition, I was taken with the play from the upper middle shadows to the spoon and then to the cup handle (which has its own shadow on the vase).

There's a new art gallery on Alki Beach, next door to Cactus. It's called "Alki Arts" and the street address is 2820 Alki Ave SW Seattle(web Check out the hours before driving there; they open late and close late to coordinate with the activity on the street. I have 3 of my daily paintings and one larger painting there on consignment.

Jed's on a backpack trip, so I have more time to paint. I take advantage of these opportunities to paint more than one a day so that I will still have something to post when other commitments leave me with nothing to show for the day.

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