Sunday, July 25, 2010

"Free Ride"

I had the most productive painting day ever today! Yesterday I was bummed because I was out of commission all day due to getting "Euphorbia milk" in my eye. I was deadheading the plants, and I wore gloves because I knew the milk was poisonous, but who knew that it could squirt some distance- maybe 10"?????? My eye was seriously burning all day. Today, after rest and countless eyedrops, I'm much better; I'm very happy with my painting day!

I produced 2 decoy paintings because this is another prop I need to return to my Mom. I also worked on some paintings I intend to enter in a show with a "Morris Graves" theme. This is the first time I've painted larger than 6"x8" in months- and it was very satisfying. I will post these paintings when they are dry enough to photograph.

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