Sunday, June 13, 2010

Struggling with Compositions

I had a really good painting day today. However, I'm not posting any new ones until I show the rivised paintings. I don't know which order they will pop up in, but you can figure out which is which, I'm sure. First, there's "Snuggle Up to the Cup", formerly "Looking Fine(er)" I decided that the problem was bigger than the shadow. All the interest was on the left side of the page and the shadow just led you right off the canvas. The colors also bugged me. I decided the blue was too strong. So, this one was revised so much that I gave it a new name- "Snuggle Up to the Cup". The next one is "The Chosen One" The "criss cross" of the utensils was too contrived and unrelated to the tomato.I added a bowl in the back so that its shadow would connect all the shapes. Finally, there's "Just Peachy" which I decided didn't need the turquoise plate and needed more neutral colors.

All this reworking is teaching me a lot. It's also adding more paint to the canvas, which isn't quite the look I wanted. I'd like to get things right the first time so that my brushwork will look more spontaneous and a bit of the toned canvas will show through. I'm achieving that more successfully in my latest paintings- I think. Who knows; I may look at them too in a day or so and decide they can be improved.

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