Saturday, June 5, 2010

Renewed Commitment!

Today is the first day of my commitment to post daily (or almost daily) to my blog. I attended a fabulous workshop in Sedona that has inspired me to take a new approach to my painting. The teacher was a super professional and likeable young woman named Carol Marine( who is convinced that executing a painting a day is the surest way to improve one's skills. She has been doing this for about 3 years now, and now, with over 1,000 paintings to her credit, her little daily paintings sell for $100-$400 each on EBay and she is represented by 6 galleries, where she sells her larger paintings.

Since I returned to Seattle, I have arranged my studio with everything I need to set up still lifes and produce daily paintings. Still lifes never interested me much because I never thought they had the liveliness and gesture of humans and animals. However, with the approach to brushwork and composition that I learned in the workshop, I'm finding that they can be SO MUCH FUN! My ultimate goal is to do the EBay thing, and to that end I am working on setting up a website again. As with this blog, I will endeavor to keep it current and relevent.

Now- enough talk. I am posting the first of my daily paintings. This one is called "Lose Something?" and it was inspired by tomatoes that had lost their "vine mates". As with all my daily paintings, it is small- this one is 6" square- and when I start posting on EBay, the starting bid will be $100.


  1. Layne, those new paintings are really fantastic. You are getting better with every painting I see. Congratulations!

  2. C'est impec! Your painting is so bright and vivid - I love it! And unlike others you've done. I like your new venue!