Saturday, June 2, 2012

Egg Cup, Egg, Cup

This is my first post with my new IMac. Our old PC got so bad that I wasn't able to post, and then I downloaded a Blogger app to my IPad and did a post that was less than satisfactory. Hope this works better! There certainly is a learning curve involved when switching from PC to Mac and I hope in the end it's worth it.

So....this is the first still life I've done in awhile. I'm really happy with the color combo. I've been trying to paint with a lighter palette. That's not to say I'll give up on my beloved deep color and high contrast. I just want to be able to create strong compositions and interesting paintings that are in a higher key as well.


  1. I love the colors of this painting--and the nice rounded organic shapes. It's lovely.

  2. Une très jolie composition, qui met en appétit un oeuf coque avec des mouillettes! Hum! fameux, n'est-ce pas ?...
    J'aime beaucoup le contraste de vos couleurs.
    Une très belle peinture.
    Gros bisous