Monday, March 5, 2012

Well Bred and Well Fed

I learned something interesting about light. I tried to photograph this yesterday afternoon and gave up after about 3 tries. The light was just wrong and even with Photoshop I couldn't get close to the actual painting. The yellows just dominated and I couldn't get them to go away. This morning I got it on the first try.
This is my entry for the DPW Challenge. I loved painting this horse. I tried to make sure I had the weight balanced correctly; the view of his rear end on the left is essential to make sure he doesn't look like he's tipping to the right. Then I wanted to capture the undulations of the body masses. I'm tempted to try painting him again- this time in unnatural colors and more abstracted. Just for fun.


  1. you really nailed his stance in this...I love the choice of color palette too.

  2. This is beautiful. I love the yellows. I know what you mean about photographing them later in the day. You captured the mass of the horse so well. Really nice job, Layne.