Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dining in Paris

So far I have 3 painting (this being one) that I'll be delivering in April to the Edward Montgomery Fine Art Gallery in Carmel. My goal is to deliver 5 paintings so that I will have a real presence in the gallery, but he's a tough sell. He knows what his customers like and he only accepts what he thinks he can sell. That's good, actually. I respect that- and who doesn't want their paintings to sell?


  1. Great job! I really think you've taken this one to that next level. The gallery owner is right. Keep on truckin' :)

  2. I really like this! I'm sure it is wonderful to see it full size. Great brushwork and color! Good luck with the gallery!

  3. Il est bon de retrouver vos oeuvres après plus de 6 semaines d'absence... Je rentre tout juste des Philippines...
    Une très belle peinture où l'atmosphère de Paris est bien saisie...
    Gros bisous