Friday, February 10, 2012

Workhorse Willy Reworked

I painted the original Workhorse Willy from a photo I took in eastern Washington. I was intrigued by the reflection of the truck in the metal building alongside it." Where's the metal building ?"you ask? Well, I painted it out yesterday. The painting has been in a gallery for 6 months and hasn't sold, and I decided it was too dark and gloomy. It needed a punch of warmth. The original version is below. I would love to get your feedback as to whether you think the change is an improvement.

I have been in frame making mode lately with no time to paint. I have 7 new paintings to rotate into display venues and they all need frames. The "Sunny Side Up" painting is going to the Edward Montgomery Gallery in Carmel. He is looking for a "sophisticated subtle idealized ambiance" to appeal to his market niche, and I have had a hard time coming up with something that fits. I think I sort of "get it" now, and have some more ideas in mind.
Saw the Gauguin exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum yesterday. Talk about idealized ambiance! It is a great exhibit and I'll definitely go back to see it again.


  1. I like the change. Bringing the focus to the truck really shows off the wonderful patina you've developed there. The warmer, richer blues are wonderful too!

  2. The change works nicely. The warmer version is great. That punch of yellow livens it up!

  3. I like the change, too. The warm grass really sets off the cool blues and grays.